Why Go

You’re about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime! Tanzania day trips with Impala DMC offer a plethora of alternatives, each with its unique variety of experiences. Whether it’s your first or thirtieth safari in Tanzania, the experience you can anticipate is always unique. Our favorite destinations for our specialized day trips are those that we have personally visited and explored time and time again. We not only enjoy visiting these places – we feel so much at home there. Come explore with us and discover the adventure that awaits you.

So why should you go on a Tanzania Day Trip?

Tanzania is such a big world within the confines of a single country. More than a quarter of its land area is dedicated to national parks and game reserves, making it the world’s most diverse wildlife destination. From incredible game reserves teeming with legions of wildlife to glorious beaches, luxurious accommodation and incredible cultures and food, there truly is something to suit every kind of safari enthusiast coming to Tanzania. With our specialized day trips, which certainly cannot fail to impress, you are sure to have a life changing experience.

Best Wildlife Adventures

Tanzania has the best game reserves, teemed with countless wildlife, scenic vistas that span beyond vision and stretch to distant mountains. Safaris are exhilarating with a raft of stimuli and you will be amazed at how familiar you get with your surroundings.

Multi-Cultural Country

Tanzania has distinct cultures and people almost everywhere you go, from the world’s most famous traditional, bead-bedecked pastoralist Maasai in the country’s northern tourist circuit to the exotic heady mix of Arab and African influences in the Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania is a must-visit country.

Jaw-drop Paradise-like Beaches

Tanzania boasts some of the world-class beaches that are lapped by the turquoise azure waters of the Indian Ocean. You can choose to relax on soft white sands beneath swaying palm trees or go swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, or fishing.

Best Bird-Watching Safaris

Keep your binoculars glued to your face! You are in one of the world’s top bird-watching destinations. In a variety of habitats, you can easily and comfortably observe hundreds of different species.