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Our in-depth travel guide is intended to inform you on the most vital insider tips and ensure that you have an unforgettable and unparalleled experience on your Tanzania holiday. From the moment we meet you at the airport to the wildness of Tanzania hidden treasures, and transfer you back to the airport for your home departure, we will take care of everything for you.

As you would for any trip, start making plans for your safari. Take a moment to browse through our website and decide on the destinations that interest you the most. Speak to one of our travel experts and share your order of priorities with them. Our experts will not only advice you on the destinations and activities in Tanzania safari, but will also share some inspirational tips that will make your preparation a hustle-free and ensure a gratifying experience at the end of your safari.

The three most important aspects of your budget when planning to go on safari to Tanzania should include;

  • Your international round-trip flight.
  • The actual cost of your safari, and
  • Money for extras such as souvenirs

Besides airfare and safari costs, we highly recommend that you set a budget for your visa, gratuities, medications and other miscellaneous per personal preferences. As for your accommodation, you should prepare yourself to spend from $50 for low range accommodations to $1,000 a night in the most luxurious hotels.

Note: Tipping in African safari is not compulsory but greatly appreciated. If you feel that the quality of service rendered to you is meritorious-worthy of experience, then it is customary to express your gratitude by tipping those who have served or guided you. Find more information on tipping here.

Many visitors to Tanzania who are visiting for the first time are often-time struggling with anxiety. This is especially when they are uncertain of the requirements and important documents they’ll have to present upon admission to Tanzania. If you are also dealing with the same issues, we’ve got you covered for your convenience.

Here are the must-have personal documents for your trip to Tanzania:
  • Passport
  • Tanzania Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vaccines and medications
  • Travel / flight itinerary
  • Many visitors to Tanzania who are visiting for the first time are often-time struggling with anxiety. This is especially when they are uncertain of the requirements and important documents they’ll have to present upon admission to Tanzania. If you are also dealing with the same issues, we’ve got you covered for your convenience.

    Here are the must-have personal documents for your trip to Tanzania:

    • Passport
    • Tanzania Visa
    • Travel Insurance
    • Vaccines and medications
    • Travel / flight itinerary

    The most crucial criterion for entering Tanzania is that your passport be valid for at least six months after the day it was issued or on which you intend to enter, and must have at least one blank visa page. Moreover, travelers entering Tanzania on visas must show an itinerary for their return trip to immigration officials as well as proof of sufficient finances for their stay during airport security checks. While entering or leaving Zanzibar or when touring the mainland, be ready to present your passport and explain the status of your visa.

    Note: If your passport expires within the next six months, you might want to think about renewing it before applying for an e-visa to Tanzania because your passport number might change and invalidate your Tanzania visa.

    Tanzania Visa

    The majority of visitors from abroad require a visa to enter Tanzania. Tourists can now apply for an Electronic Visa to enter Tanzania, unlike the prior visa application methods. Do not let the thought of obtaining a visa dissuade you; it is a relatively straightforward, step-by-step process that almost anybody from any country in the world can apply for a visa with ease.


    A Tanzanian tourist visa costs $50 USD for most visitors and $100 USD for Americans citizens. Persons from certain countries (including several bordering African countries) are permitted to enter Tanzania without a visa.

    According to the Tanzania Immigration Authority, having a Visa does not guarantee entry into the United Republic of Tanzania. If the immigration officer at the entrance point determines that the visa holder is unable to comply with immigration entry requirements or that their presence would be detrimental to the national interests of the United Republic of Tanzania, they may deny them entry.

    For more information on Tanzania tourist Visa requirements and/or application process, and see if your country is exempted from a tourist visa, please download our in-depth guide below.


    Travel Insurance

    In addition to any primary insurance you already have, considering travel insurance for safari in Tanzania in the most important aspect of your journey. We recommend that you choose insurance with a policy whose coverage incorporates emergency medical evacuation and protection from unforeseen majeure which may affect your vacation in Africa.

    We recommend that your insurance policy should cover the following emergence instances:

    • Trip cancellation or interrupted by sick family member.
    • Failure to catch a flight connection.
    • Loss, delay, damage, or theft of your luggage
    • Medical expenses prior to or while on safari.


    Vaccines and medications

    Traveling abroad could present some risks, especially if you are not completely informed of the illnesses you may contract. We recommend you to consult your physician and let them know you are traveling to Africa within a specified time from the time of consultation. Your doctor should have the expertise to recommend the most appropriate medical prescriptions based on the duration of your vacation and destination.

    As for Tanzania, you will be required to show the following certifications:

    • Measles
    • Mumps }    MMR
    • Rubella
    • Diphtheria
    • Pertussis }   DPT
    • Tetanus
    • Chickenpox and other vaccine certifications.


    Yellow Fever certificate

    Please note that the Yellow Fever Certification is not a mandatory requirement for every traveller to Tanzania. This certification is required if prior to your arrival in Tanzania you travelled to a region infected with yellow fever. You can check whether you need a valid Yellow Fever inoculation by visiting the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s TravelHealthPro website here.


    Tanzania Covid-related Entry Requirements

    Travelers entering Tanzania or transiting mainland Tanzania or Zanzibar are not necessarily required to present a Covid-19 vaccination certificate or test certificate unless required by their airline, transit destination, or final destination. However, airport officials may randomly ask you to provide evidence of vaccination upon arrival, or a negative COVID-19 test if you are not vaccinated.

    We strongly recommend our clients to take a look at the Travel Advisory as released by Tanzania Health Ministry on the Covid-19 entry and exit requirements for travelers to mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar entry and exit requirements.

    Quarantine Information

    There are no quarantine requirements except for travelers who test positive upon arrival. These will be advised to self-isolate in their accommodation.

    Covid-19 Testing in Tanzania

    According to US Embassy in Tanzania, PCR and antigen tests are still available for U.S. citizens. Rapid antigen tests on a walk-in basis at the international airports, including Terminal 3 of the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro International Airport, and Abeid Amani Karume International Airport. Travelers planning to use an airport for rapid test should arrive multiple hours early and contact the airport for additional information.

    The cost for a rapid test is $10 USD in mainland Tanzania and $25 USD in Zanzibar if less than 24 hours before departure. The cost RT-PCR test is $50 USD in mainland Tanzania and $80 USD in Zanzibar, however, the cost may vary depending on where the test is done. Travelers taking an airport rapid test from the mainland should register here and list both their origin and destination as Tanzania in the system.

    The Traveler’s Health Surveillance Form should be filled before arriving in Tanzania as representatives of your airline company may require prove before boarding your plane. A hard copy of your form is not a mandatory aspect; you can simply prove a screenshot of a completed form from your iPad or smartphone.

    Note: If you have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, PCR or raid antigen tests are no longer requirement upon arrival in Tanzania. Please keep in mind that this is only applicable to travelers who have been vaccinated by WHO-approved vaccines, and travelers who have not been vaccinated and non-vaccinated will be required to present RT-PCR or NAATs certificates.

    Now that you’ve made the decision to go on a safari in Tanzania, it’s time to put your holiday in the capable hands of a tour operator who will not only pick you up at the airport, take you to your hotel of choice, and then take you on a safari. For the best safari in Tanzania, Impala Destination Management Company is your one-stop shop. Your safari will be jam-packed with surprises from the time you make your inquiries until the day you fly out of Tanzania. While on safari in Tanzania, it’s always important to follow the instructions prescribed to you by your guide and at lodging facilities.

    With Impala DMC, you are in safe hands and your vacation in Tanzania is a worry free experience. However, we advise you to observe the following safety measure and you’ll be just fine.
    • Never go out alone during evening hours especially in remote urban areas.
    • While on safari, avoid approaching wild animals without the supervision of your guide.
    • Be wary of pickpockets on the streets; always keep your belongings close by; and if they’re not in use, leave valuable items in your hotel room.
    • Wherever you go, have the company of your guide; this is very important.
      Your Personal Impala DMC Tour Guide
    Your guide will have a huge impact on the quality of your experience in Tanzania. Just so you may get the most out of your safari in Tanzania, an Impala DMC’s guide plays a significant part.  In addition to acting as your personal host, mechanic, and first aid expert, our guides will amuse you, keep you safe, and bring you as close to nature as they can. You can trust, be friendly with, and respect your guide because of their significant safari expertise.