Frequently Asked Questions

Tanzania Day Trip is a brief excursion that typically unveils the most alluring and fascinating destinations as well as interesting tourist activities in a single day. The main focus of a day trip with Impala DMC is to provide people with constrained time in hand a unique opportunity to experience sights or attractions in quick yet exhilarating successions. Some Day Trips can be completed in a half-day while others may require a full day, depending on the destination and the tourist activities available.

Impala DMC is open 24/7 and can receive bookings any time of year. This gives you the opportunity to book a Day trip at any time that suits your needs. Our team of customer service is available around the clock.

We have a variety of featured destinations and attractions from which you can pick one that suits you better from our home page.

Pick one of the featured destinations and let us know how you’d prefer the activity to be carried out as per your preferences. If you can’t seem to locate a trip that appeals to you, don’t be hesitant to get in touch with us and request a customized day trip. We will do our best to accommodate your request, and maybe even add it as a typical trip.

We have a fleet of customized land cruisers with pop up roofs. Because of dust on the rough roads in remote destinations such as wildlife reserves, national parks and rural areas, these hard-topped safari vehicles pop up so you can comfortably stand up, get a better view from the comfort of your seat, and take photos in every direction.    These vehicles can also accommodate a large group of up to 8 people. They are carefully designed to meet our clients’ top priorities in terms of comfort, reliability, and safety.

You can be picked up by our driver from your hotel, residence, or any other location that is accessible by car. This also applies to the place where you get dropped off. Our driver will meet you at a designated pick-up point if you happen to be in a pedestrian-only area.

Our driver will meet you at the agreed time and place but will not be contacting you before, unless necessary. You’ll receive a reminder with your driver’s name and mobile number a few days prior to your trip in case you need to contact him.

Meeting points and time may differ depending on a Day Trip you booked. We will always specify the meeting point after your booking is fully confirmed with us. We’ll make sure that the meeting point is ideal for and can easily be accessible by each group participant.

With itineraries across Tanzania and Zanzibar, have great options for groups of all types and in most cases, we create private and custom day trips that are all tailored to your personal interests and timeframe. With a creative team of our travel experts, you will have a trip of a lifetime.

Yes, you will have a delicious lunch box and bottled water sufficient for the whole trip. Picnic hot meal is possible for some excursions; however, additional costs will apply.

Depending on the destination, we encourage everyone to give this a considerable attention especially when visiting religious sites and regions such as the Zanzibar Islands. Always remember to dress respectfully when walking around villages and city centers, especially in coastal regions where women don’t expose their shoulders and knees. It’s okay for a couple walking around while holding hands, but overly romantic displays of affection should be avoided.

Yes, our private day trips are completely customizable. We recommend that you contact us prior to booking if you have special requests as additional costs may apply.

Absolutely, all of the Impala DMC’s drivers are fluent in English, Swahili (the local language), and sometimes other foreign languages. They are happy to answer any questions you may have, discuss local history, wildlife and culture with you. And because they speak the local language, they are able to provide you with a great opportunity to interact with locals at your destination.

We accept a variety payment options. Payments for you day trip must be made in advance via credit card prior to your trip. Check our website’s payment details at the bottom. While your bank might use a different exchange rate, please keep in mind that we only accept payments in US dollars and euros.

The quoted price is final and there are no additional fees for our services. However, optional third party activities and personal products that are not in your contract with Impala DMC such as personal services are not included in the price. There’ll be no surprises with Impala DMC.

We offer a unique opportunity to make some changes to your itinerary up to 48 hours prior to departure, and at no additional cost on your part. If you need to make last-minute adjustments in less than 48 hours before departure, we’ll do our best to accommodate it (additional fees may apply).

While you can cancel your booking for a full refund up to 24 in advance, cancellation requested with less than 48 hours’ notice are subject to transfer fees on your end when receiving a refund from us.

Gratuity is excluded from the total safari price and is not a requirement but will be greatly appreciated. Tipping in Tanzania safari is a customary way of expressing appreciation for the services rendered to you. If you are satisfied with the service, you can reward your driver guide with an optional tip. Visit our travel guide for a suggested amount.

Depending on the excursion, we are happy to organize a day trip to accommodate young children. Please let us know in advance if you will be travelling with your kids, so that we can ensure there will be enough for you, your kid and luggage in the vehicle. If you fail to inform us in advance, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate you or offer you a full refund. Also bear in mind that, some destinations are not suitable for infants. However, we will do our best to help you at your request.

Swahili is the most spoken language throughout Tanzania but English is also the official language both in the mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar Islands.

For most people travelling to Tanzania, a tourist visa is mandatory. You can obtain more information from our Tanzania Tourist Visa Guide which you can download to your device. A valid passport is also mandatory. Your passport must be valid for not less than six months beyond the date you expect to leave Tanzania.

Tanzanian shillings and US dollars are the two most regularly used currencies in the country. There are many ATMs that dispense local currency, and MasterCard and Visa are also accepted. Because cards are frequently swallowed, it is important to use ATMs with caution, only from reputable banks, and only when the bank is open.

Tanzania can be visited at any time of year. However, the most preferable time to travel to Tanzania is from June to October, when the country is at its driest.

Most visitors reserve a safari package in advance before traveling to Tanzania. The services of an English-speaking driver-guide and a 4×4 vehicle, which will serve as their primary source of transportation, are included in this package. Also, there is a good aviation network, generally on small aircraft, that connects Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Zanzibar Island, and other major cities as well as crucial national parks including the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, and Selous Game Reserve, among others.

Tanzania has a wide variety of wildlife, stunning beaches, and much more that the whole family can appreciate. There are paradise-like beaches, game reserves, world-class national parks, and lodgings waiting for you.

Tanzania doesn’t require any particular vaccines, but we highly advise you to speak with your personal doctor before traveling. Particularly with regard to malaria prophylactics, your doctor should be able to give you the most recent travel advice. If you’re traveling from or have recently transited through an airport in a country where yellow fever is present, you must provide proof of your yellow fever vaccination.

For more information in Tanzania Day Trips and Safaris, you can always contact one of our travel experts. We are here to help you create the unforgettable experience in vacation in Tanzania.

Great adventures await in Tanzania!