Our Expertise

We are specializing in creating life-transforming opportunities and unparalleled experiences that connect travellers to the nature, culture, and traditions of Tanzania. Our dedicated team of professionals will always assist you in creating a trip unique to you and tailored to meet your travelling needs. They will also be available to assist you with any concern prior to and during your safari, and ensure that you are well taken care of.

It goes without saying that we love safari. We provide you with thorough information on every detail you require for a lifetime safari experience so you can enjoy your trip in Tanzania. We provide classic wildlife and cultural safaris, day trips to over 16 destinations around Tanzania, Zanzibar beach relaxation and so much more.

Responsible tourism

Impala DMC is an inspiring positive response towards two major factors that influence how people travel in our modern time. Our goal is to bring a difference in the travel industry by setting new standards for excellence, while minimizing any potential negative impact in the places we visit, and promoting travel experiences that enhance the value of the destination.


The environmental impact of our over-consumption which is increasingly becoming obvious to us; we are highly committed to low-impact travel that both preserves and enhances the beautiful places we visit.


The working environment is becoming even more demanding for most people and thus creating the need to relax as well as extract the greatest value from their holidays. We share our favourite and interesting destinations; travel in small groups with people who share common interests with us, and providing our clients with amazing opportunities to experience Tanzania as it is.

Our ideas for an ethical, environmentally conscious, and yet relaxing safari experiences are quite simple:

  • See something new, break from the busy life, explore, and simply be.
  • Develop a connection with a destination and its people, take in the smells, sound and colors.
  • Learn from the local experts and through observations, live nature as you found.
  • Appreciate the wonders of the natural and cultural world and respect it.

You are simply spending your holiday time making a long-term positive contribution to the wonderful destinations we visit by traveling with us. Together, we create significant economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits on local people and destinations.